Painting my studio's roof.

Its been too long time till do this.

My studio is very old no maintaining for long long time since last owner's(or its built!).

Sand scrub form for grinding the surface of roof metal.
taking off the rust and old paint for new painting.

and scraper for peel off old paint too.

it is hard work and low position.

Super assistant! my younger sister from Australia came for this work.
We did this while one day...

And day next, my buddy Gaku came over to help. All this work started by his direction.
He used to work for paint company as professional painter. So we saved so much JPYEN!

Rust prevention painting is finished. Already beautiful!

Fixing wall cracking. Laundries are next door's.

We painted in silver. B/C looks real metal surface and reflecting sunshine will keep inside temp lower.

Well done! We did this for Two days to paint 3 times.

Thank you Gaku!