Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | English

Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico

Pursiut of colorfulness and culture | Berlin based Japanese Artist Yoh Nagao
February - April 2016


Idea of art project "Wonder Colors" in Mexico is originally from my experience in Mexico.
I have been feeling strong sympathy with sense of color from the people in there, especially using many of colors for mural and installation work at two times of art projects in Mexico, WALLS by Pangea Seed Foundation, and FIAP by World Art Destinations 2015. There was many of voices to my works and myself. Even I got lots of energy and pleasure from their respectfulness and appreciation about color. I have been wondering why they react on the color so particularly, any tradition, custom or taught?
And also I was very impressed by their personality which is open and friendly to the others, and very helpful to each other. 
I'm assuming that it has specific connection of their mind and personality structure with their sense of color and tradition. Therefore I decided to operate this art project [Color Dialogue in Mexico] in Mexico.
There is many of communication with more humanity and heart I have confronted in Mexico that many of us are missing nowadays, especially in this modern society in developing country where everything goes so fast.
I want to make special art pieces by the research and finding the source of inspiration from Mexico in the term of staying.


There is big concern I’m taking if we are really making success to perceive happiness, pleasure and harmony at development of human  such as accelerate of information, improvement of technology and economy supremacy on this planet.
I'm pursuing the expression of color to tell  the message of happiness and pressure which is abvousley getting faded in modern period. And also asking a question by using human figure as main motives and nature and animal to consider how are we supposed to be. 
I'm paying attention to those sensitivity which is fading away from us is still reminded in the color tradition and Mexican culture.
There are so many issues we are taking, natural disaster, war, energy, medical, food and etc. I’m feeling fear that human will be failed unless we don’t act anything immediately. 
In such desperate circumstance, I’m challenging to keep on asking a question of the issues through his art as essential urgent mission of mankind to save this world in our generation. Pursuing this mankind hope is regardlessly important action for us.

I definite the art is the tool to ask a question, reflect message and philosophy, also the art should be borderless and universal to touch many people as possible on this planet.


Approximately  2 months from February to March 2016 / 1-2weeks of research 4-5weeks of production

Research and record

Taking photo of place, nature, traditional goods, costume, food, animal, plantation, creature, human portrait and anything related Mexico
Taking video and collect goods as sample and reference

Research quote & mythology, Joining traditional festival, ritual, ceremony


Cancun, Merida in Yucatan region
Guadalajara Mexican culture(costume, music, festival), Tequila agriculture
Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas

Chiapas and Palenque and wherever specific tradition reminded


Art pieces is going to be based on the research and record as material and inspiration
Theme is heart and color, the expression can touch everybody in this planet universally
Collage work made with photographs taken in Mexico
Painting made with traditional colors, making color chart of traditional color

Place to work

Sergio Romero workshop in Cancun
Director of Instituto Superior de Estudios Creativos


Publishing to the world through SNS(Instagram, Facebook) everyday.
Planning exhibition and releasing art book of the art pieces and the record of research in Mexico.


Art&Culture Center in Cancun
Planning to have traveling exhibition through Mexico, Germany and Japan.

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I'm planning to have traveling exhibition in Mexico, Germany and Japan

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