Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | 2nd half〜Production in Mexico

After recovering my fever from my traveling in Mexico, I started to collect materials.

Paint colors&Collage prints, they are main materials for me.
Huge support by my host architect Sergio Romeo, who is director of Estudio Creativo cancun, I luckily get sponsorship from Pinturas Acuario: local paint company and COBA 93: local copy shop.
I appreciate their big support.
Pintras Acuario Cancun
COBA 93 Copy shop
At the production, I created 20 basic common Mexican colors from my traveling. They are basic colors on my production.
Collage pieces are nearly 200copies prints from 4000photos.

This time I made this regulation that is using full of mexican materials as possible as I can. Because it's the challenge and experiment of effect of colors in mexico, as I have been seeing those usage of color and it's being part of their life.
And people in here is so friendly and nice, helpful and open. I want my art to be something like that.
Loteria mexican bingo
Work in production
Painting typical mayam artwork
Work in production

I made one big piece, which is influenced by a mural in Teotehuacan. 6 abstract pieces from all the color and photo inspiration. And another 6 small piece made with Loteria card materials.
I enjoyed this production and concept.

During such tight schedule, I was working 9am -12am almost everyday.
Every time I tried new, I learn a lot. nothing is the same.
Working hard is only the way to grow big.

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