Into The Hole | New painting work and the story

At my recent group show, I'm exhibiting a painting work at The Ballery in Berlin.

This group show has set sub title "Art between life and death".
This theme brought me lots of thinkings, I spent so many days until I have certain image and idea.

After that, there was two inspirations I have got.

One is story of Gorilla KOKO, who can communicate with trainer with silent language.

"When Koko was seven, one of her teachers asked, "When do gorillas die?" and she signed, "Trouble, old." The teacher also asked, "Where do gorillas go when they die?" and Koko replied, "Comfortable hole bye." When asked "How do gorillas feel when they die-happy, sad, afraid?" she signed, "Sleep." Koko's reference to holes in the context of death has been consistent and is puzzling since no one has ever talked to her about burial, nor demonstrated the activity."

Another one is one of my favorite song by The Street, "everything is borrowed"
this song has this lyric in hook like this

Mike Skinner
“I came this world with nothing”
"And I leave with nothing but love”
“Everything else is just borrowed”

Lilly Allen
“Memories are times we borrow”

“For spending tomorrow"

I ended up my painting art work to express our life cycle.

We somehow got birth and arrived in this world from sky, spend time in this world, then going to the hole to sleep.

Our bone and flesh will be back to soil and ground of mother earth, sprit may be back to the sky.

Our memories, belongings, properties will be left, because you can not take to anywhere when you die. yes, only we can grow and take is the love.

If people could understand, or at least share my feeling a bit, i will be happy with it.

As I mention pretty often, there is lots of possibilities to change this world better with art.

My art for better tomorrow, to think about more love.
Be generous, have some more space to take love.

Into The Hole 
140cm x 100cm
Acrylic, Marker, Pen on Canvas


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