Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | 1st half〜Travel in Mexico

Since end of January, I have been in Mexico from my base city Berlin.
The time has come to move on my own art project I have been announcing through internet.

I have been to Mexico for two times before, one is SEAWALLS by PangeaSeed in 2014, another one is FIAP by WAD in 2015.
Through the residence and production of this two festival in Mexico, I was very impressed by the personality of mexican people and their strong reaction of colors I used.

Since then, I have gotten simple and pure wonder with it. How this sense of color were grown up? Maybe because of their personality has been welcoming the colors, or the colors have been creating the personality? or what??
I personally use lots of colors. make machie ru, difference in the same colors and gradation to express invisible atmosphere and sensitivity. Training and building up the skills everyday.

Along with the desire of pursuit of the color and big curious of republic of mexico and its huge land and culture, here I came to mexico for third times from Berlin.

During about a moth of traveling, I have visited to Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, Valladolid, Merida, Celestun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Izamal, Mexico city, Xochimilco, Teotihuacan, Guadalajara, Cascahuin, Oaxaca, San Augstin, San Cristobal de Las Sacas, San Chamula, Zinacatan
Hacienda, Cenotes, Flamingos, Tequila field and Factory, Mercados, Ruins, World Heritages, Museums, Churches and Art Fairs
Whole travel distance is more than 5200km, visited to more than 50 spots.

Now I'm back in Cancun from the traveling, then going to make art piece which is based on the photos I was taking and the typical and traditional colors which I have been seeing in the travel.
Additionally I'm going to collect materials from home of mexican people in Cancun. The materials will be paint colors, fabrics, magazines, cards and posters.

This project was triggered by the big curious of the colors, which is absolutely visually and sensual but universal language at the same time.
Here in Mexico, there is a lots of people with friendly character and warm heart. Look at this world, people getting more crazy, cold an closed.

Besides this experience, nowadays development of technology brings us tons of information through computer and smartphone. However I believe that the most important thing is real experience. People have to reach it, confront it and feel it. Otherwise things are just knowledge. We wouldn't gain anything important.
Such this desperate society we are in, this real experience is required at most in this world to make better.
I always believe in the art can change this world better. To accomplish it, my challenge thorough this art project in mexico will have really big meaning.

I'm posting pictures on Instagrams with hashtag #wondercolors_mx
This gonna be continues during production. so Please keep on following Yoh Nagao.

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