Wonder Colors Art Project in Mexico | Exhibition

Japanese Pop Collage Artist Yoh Nagao "Wonder Colors" Solo Exhibition at Casa de la Cultura in Cancun, Mexico

Nagao is pleased to announce his very special art exhibtion at Casa de Cultura in Cancun.

At this exhibition “Wonder Colors”, Nagao is showing his art works made with photo collage and painting. They are collected from his 4 weeks traveling in Mexico, he has visited more than 50 spots, whole travel distance is more than 5200km. Nagao used many of colors in his art . Mexico is color-developped country for him. This art project and exhibition “Wonder Colors in Mexico” is trigged by the big curious of the colors, which is absolutely visually and sensual but universal language.

Exhibition Poster
2 months and half since I flew to Mexico from Berlin, I ended up my project with such amazing exhibition at Casa de la Cultura Cancun.
Architect Sergio Romero from Estudio Creativo Cancun
My speech
my very first tap cutting

Opening was really amazing. so many people came over and I have been asked to taking photos photos photos.


Here I show all the sponsors and supporters.
Project coordinate and host
Architect Sergio Romero

Photo copy: Cobá93
Acrylic paint: Pinturas Acuario Oficial
Poster: TakeOne Publicidad
Advertisement/Graphic Design: EstudioWikka

Special thanks to
Saburo Sugiyama, Professor of Arizona State University
Motoi Suzuki, Associate professor at Osaka National Museum of Ethology

Project hashtag #wondercolors_mx

Yoh Nagao

All the artworks are here on Facebook fanpage

I want to say big thank you to Artchtect/Director of estudio creativo cancunSergio Romero.
Without his tremendous support and effort, this project could not to be happened. Nagao truly thanks for him Muchas Gracias.

Aileen Samano, wife of Sergio, me and Sergio Romero