No Commission Berlin 2017 後半 | No Commission at Altes Kraftwerk Rummelsburg

さてさて、長らくこの大型サイズの作品に取り組むこと3週間、三名のインターンの手を借りつつ、No Commission作品を完成そして開催日となりました。
After spending of weeks of production with 3 intern assists, I finished this large size piece and having opening day of No Commission in Berlin!

In spite of record-breaking super heavy rain on 29th June, it was not easy at all to arrive to the venue, it was full house! Many people couldn't arrived as well. sorry for that.

Major Lazor, DJ Black Coffee and Swizzbeatz!!!

アーティストディナーではSwizzbeatzの隣に着席しました。Show time!
day 2 and 3 has been full house!
At an exclusive artist dinner, I seated on the next to Swizzbeatz! Show time!

LinkinPark Mike Shinoda san
Jaybo Monk and Kallenbach gallery from Amsterdam

Linkinpark Joe Hahn

At the end, after three days of big event, I recognized Swizz is the entertainer, pioneer with big passion and ambition, No doubt.


For the artist, by the artist, with the people. 100% of sale goes to artist directly.
Such awesome movement is still nothing else existed, Swizz's philosophy is breakthrough this current art field.

If I wish the same movement by someone in Japan, the person would be Takeshi Kitano(Beat Takeshi). His talent and influence would be super powerful in Japan, to the world as well.

After all, what I can tell this this world class art event is getting more popular. So many different and amazing talents are existed. We and you can not miss it.
Through this world class art event, I promise that I will keep on making more masterpieces more than ever.Thank you Swizzbeatz and Bacardi and The Dean Collection!!!

長尾 洋
I'm going to move back to Japan in September.
I'd love to present myself and art works in Tokyo, not just my home town Nagoya.
Please do not miss the chance and confront No Commission artist with your eyes then.


長尾 洋をフォローしよう!Follow Yoh Nagao!