PangeaSeed presents SHARK LOVE Art Exhibition

Aug. 12th [Thu]-18th [WEd] 2010 at Gallery-T in Enoshima
Opening reception Aug. 14th [Sat] 17:00 - 20:00
“Shark Love”アートエキシビション 2010年8月12日(木)~18日(水) 片瀬江の島ギャラリーT
オープニングレセプション8月14日(土) 17:00~20:00

This summer come join PangeaSeed August 12-18 as we celebrate SHARK LOVE at Gallery-T in Enoshima.  SHARK LOVE is a non-profit art exhibition featuring original works from world renowned artist such as Jim Phillips, Dave Kinsey, Kozyndan, Haroshi, and many more all coming together to spread the love for one of the world's most misunderstood and important animals. One hundred million sharks are killed every year.
Find out why and what you can do to save them @

この夏8月12日(木)から18日(水)の1週間、 PangeaSeedは江ノ島のギャラリーTにてアートエキシビション”Shark Love”を開催します!
”Shark Love”は、最も誤解された大切な生物のために、Jim Phillips, Dave Kinsey, Kozyndan,
Haroshiなど世界的に知られるアーティストによるオリジナル作品を展示する非営利のコラボレーションアートエキシビションです。  毎年1億以上のサメが殺されています…詳しくは へ。

Jim Phillips
Dave Kinsey
Rhys Cooper
Shea O'Neil
Enforce One
Liam Moore
D.H. Rosen & Tomoko Hara (Rinpa Eshidan)
John Fellows
Christopher Huth
Rahakaishi (RAH)
The Yok
George Hayashi
Yoh Nagao
Natsuki Wakita
Jay Ryan
Stephen Haynes
Josh Cleary
Patrick Fox
Clint Wilson
Jeremy Berkley
Tim Doyle
Magmo The Destroyer
David Pu'u
Brian Willmont
Midori Kawano
Oishi Akinori
Masafumi Morita

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PangeaSeed presents SHARK LOVE in collaboration with LUSH, REEF, US for Okinawa,, IFO and ARBOR. by special guest DJ YAP